Experience millennia old techniques and modern technology as they combine with our talent and skill to provide a glimpse into the beautiful and captivating historic art of glassblowing. Demonstrations are free and available by appointment.  Our gallery and seconds room contain the largest selection of our work and is open until 5:00 everyday.
     Naturally fluid shapes and colors that range from subtle to vibrant come together Combining traditional design elements with contemporary influences, we have evolved an unusual style based primarily on natural, traditional and organic forms.
     Our works are formed at the end of a five foot long stainless steel "blowpipe" which is dipped into molten glass exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The colors we use are mainly our own formulas which we prepare using raw glass combined with metal oxides such as cobalt, copper, iron, and manganese, other colors we order from Germany.  
     Patterns are carefully lain out in glass chips, threads, or powders over stencils with details hand drawn in,  when the hot glass is rolled across them they fuse and melt together resulting in organic floral and aquatic designs or animal images reminiscent of cave paintings.

     The piece is then shaped using soaked wooden blocks, the glass is so hot it vaporizes the water and rides on a layer of steam, not even touching the wood, we then blow it out, free of molds, to its final size in a series of steps that determine the finished shape and height.  The end is then flattened forming the "bottom" of the piece.Finally we attach a stainless steel rod with a dab of glass onto the flat spot and transfer the whole work to that rod at which point we can finish forming it into a cup, vase or bowl. 

Bendzunas Glass

The Gift That Becomes an Heirloom