Starry Night Vases, inspired by Van Gogh, designed by Paul R.

Animal Vases

Our Animal Vases have been a unique feature of Bendzunas Glass for decades. 

Handkerchief vases are a popular style of vase.

Starry Night Vases

Galleries and individuals are encouraged to contact us regarding our prices.

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Bendzunas Glass is proud to produce a miscellany of other objects, including cache-pots, drinking vessels of all shapes and sizes, ornaments, paperweights, and bowls.

Our Art

Traditional Cardinal Vase

Blossom Vases

Miscellaneous Glass

Handkerchief Vases

Traditional Owl Vase in Black

Traditional style with naturally inspired blossom patterns.

Bendzunas Glass

The Gift That Becomes an Heirloom